Friday, May 8, 2009

Swamp tour in New Orland's

Sorry its been so long but we have been crazy busy. Matt just got married to Tobi in New Orland's which was so much fun. most of us went on a swamp tour on Thursday which everyone had a blast on . These are the pics form that and the next few days I'm going to try to put up the rest of the pics. But it was just a good time jon did such a good job traveling too we got really lucky with him.

And everyone who wanted to got to hold it

we got to see some wildlife out there

The boat was called marquett which we found funny
aunt Julie
Uncle Mike, and grandpa
auntie Danna
doesnt Joe look lovely with the bright yellow ear phones
Everyone waiting for the boat

So grandma was sooooooo very nice to us and watched Jon so Joe and I could go on the swamp tour with everyone else when we got to New Orland's and we had soooo much fun with everyone

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