Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Car show

This last weekend we went to the St. Ignaus car show and had soooooo much fun. We stayed in Mackinac city so we got to have a little Vacation which was nice. We went for a really long walk along the shore and got to watch all the cars going over the bridge which Jon loved and then when we got to the car show he would make the car noise every time he saw a car which was the whole time but it was so much fun to spend that time together as a family. Then on Sat. Allan and Benni came up and meet us at the car show and drove down to our house so Joe could get the new engine for his car.3 generations at the Mackinac bridge
grandpa Dase and jon
all I could this about was the movie
how cool would it be to ride to school on a low rider school bus
Jon would scream at the birds every time because that what sound he said they make
the light house
different views of the bridge

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry Its been a while since I have put pics up but we have been sooooooooooooo busy lately. We are right now in the middle of putting a new engine in daddy's car and we have been out of town too. But I will try to not let that happen again I promise. However while working so hard on the truck Jon and I have also been trying to redo the front yard are he is just in heaven playing in the yard while we have been having really good weather ( even though today is a high of 56 and I really do think I saw snow again)After a fun day of playing in the yard he makes the funniest faces. this little man is quite a character

Anytime we are around dirt he wants to dig
I got a little board while working on the car and end up getting what I think is a pretty good shot