Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another pretty week

Comes with a butt flap and all
Jon's pj's are the same one's daddy wore when he was a kiddo

Jon had fallen asleep in the car so mommy and daddy had time to get a pic together (which hasnt happened in a long time)
And this weekend we went to Pres. It kinda looks like the ocean with waves like that
Joe and I were driving through town and couldn't quit laughing when we drove passed this shed
It kinda reminded us of the you might be a redneck jokes

It was such a beautiful night
Family pic time oh and thats Fran in the back round
Deer in the head lights I think Jon was getting a little tiered at this point
We went for a boat ride with some of our friends this week and saw a few bald egales in a tree which was sooooo cool cause I've never seen one so close before
So Jon has become a great naper when we go for walks, the city has just put in a new walking trail across the street from our house and he just gets so relaxed with his feet up that he passes out which always makes me laugh.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

All in all we had a very relaxing yet productive weekend and Joe found a new trail buy the house that is just sooooooo pretty next time we go I'll take the camera so I can show everyone how pretty it is And later that evening we got to watch the bunny that we have living in the yard daddy even feeds them in the winter
Daddy got to play on the roof It's a never ending story
But he did have fun watching daddy
The next day we decied to do some work out side and jon tried to eat the grass when he thought we weren't looking
The boy's loved the cake and Jon helped daddy blow out the candles
I'm no Martha Stewart yet buy that hole cake was made from scratch (I mean there was no box of any kind involved in the making of this cake)

Suger Loaf MT.

We had so much fun and the kids loved it
Jon and I went for a hike up surge loaf mt. with some friends and it was sooo pretty
I sware if my two boys are on the couch together they are taking a nap

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mommys Brithday

It was a fun birthday getting to spend it with the family just nice and relaxing
Jon fell asleep before we got him out of the life jacket and when he rolled a little he got stuck and could roll any more

Mommy and Jon spent some quality time on my birthday
it was so cute he fell asleep with the waves from the water
Daddy looks like he did when he was little boy
Daddy and Jon getting ready for the boat ride
Jon was getting ready for his first boat ride but it is sooooo darn cold we had to break our the heavy jacket for this

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Jon will climb anything that sticks off the ground
He's Just a happy boy
He has no put his socks in his mouth any time he can get them off his feet or even find them on the floor, he thinks its sooooo funny but it doesn't help that mommy and daddy laugh at it
Jon had his afternoon snack on the floor and deiced to watch something on TV
I think Jon has come to the fact that the world is his playground but its so fun to watch him

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jon gets onto everything now

Jon now thinks that our new dinning room set is now his jungle gym while I cook in the kitchen he likes to play around the dinning room and crawl through everything. He has become quite the mover and the shaker
He has found a new fun use for the laundry basket, he was playing with it and it had flipped over on him and of course he started to whine but as soon as the camera came out he put a big smile on his face. He is just so funny sometimes
Jon found my magazine on the floor and instead of reading it he likes to tare it apart
Jon and daddy took some father son time on the bed, I have a much funnier pic but I don't think Joe would be very happy if I put it up.