Saturday, May 16, 2009

A day outside

Well yesterday we went and work outside some more cause it was so nice unlike today which is snowing again (hopefully tomorrow will be nicer we are going to the track) but daddy was working on his bike and jon was so excited to help daddy work he picked up some tools and started right up it was sooooooo cute and he was so proud of himself , working with daddy and all it was just a super nice day.

Jon wanted to play in his LandCruiser so I pulled it out but before he got in it he went and got his hardhat to put on.

Jon had decied that he wanted to go for a walk so he climbed in all by himself and sat there until I was ready to go for a walk

1 comment:

Oliver Wilson said...

snow in may! you guys need to move! i love the land cruiser, that's awesome!