Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sorry its been a while but I now have my new camera which Jon will no longer play with , and we have new pics . We have been kinda busy but just with cleaning and rearranging the rooms. Now we have 2 guessed room and the whole attic which is set up for guessed so if anyone needs somewhere so come for the summer we have the room !Yes Its still a winter wonderland out here and I dont think it's ever going away
Jon was talking on the phone with granddad and had to walk around while he did it,I guess he has learned a thing or two from mommy and daddy
he sits sooooo well watching his shows
We got him a DVD player that is supposed to be for the car but we tried it out and he gets mad if we don't let him use it, but he has just started to lay on his tummy to watch any TV its sooo cute

but it doesn't look to bad so now all we have to do is the rest of the kitchen
Daddy figured out that the old owners had wallpapered over tile work so he spent to weekend trying to undo what they had done
Mommy and Jon just chill on the love seat and playing with mommy's new camera
he was just to cute I had to get a pic of it

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For My Daddy

Just a few pics to show my dad what our house looks like after Joe got all the snow off the roof We have no more room for all this snow

Just some Fun

Jon has just found the fun in putting on daddy's shoes he wont leave them alone any more
Just a little relaxing letting thoughts teeth come in
Jon is in his ball pit everyday

Jon has found that it is much more fun to sit in the play box then to drag out the toys but hey my living room stays cleaner this way

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh the joy of kids

Just to let you know Jon has just broken my camera that I love soooooooooooooo much so I have to use daddy's camera so it may take a little longer to get pics up for everyone. However I will be buying a new camera soon so hopefully it wont be to long .


now his new game is to climb on the radiator to the couch before mommy can get him off

It didn't take Jon long to start feeling better and then he was back to climbing around over everything

Sickies daddy and baby Jon weren't doing so well this weekend so they both spent a lot of the time on the couch watching TV