Monday, August 17, 2009

Daddy's cake

I sure do love my boys
Jon and I made daddy's cake this year and we wanted to be creative so we made cupcakes that were in ice cream cones and the boy loved to eat them (its hard not to giggle around them)

Daddy's birthday

So to celebrate daddys birthday we went up to Houghton for the weekend with no plans on what to do or where to stay, it was kinda fun. We got some really good pics and had the most incredible weekend together so here are some pics

our early morning walk got us some amazing pics
just thought this is cool to have a pic of where hockey began

Jon loves hotel beds
we went to the jam pot which is a place to get home made jam and pastries that the monks make and this is where they live it is just so beautiful I wish I could have gotten a better pic but the pic below is what you can see of it form on the other side of the lake its the very top its just amazing
that is the top of the monistair

Jon was a tired boy