Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a note

Time seem to be flying by, it has been so busy around here but just to let everyone know that we started to potty train today and already Jon has already went pee on it 3 times and pooped on it once so I only had to change 3 diapers all of today so thats not to bad. I know its going to get harder but he is doing so well and just loves his new potty. He is doing so well with everything and is such a good traveler I thank God everyday for all the blessing I have gotten.

Our long weekend

some how this pic got left of but I had to put it in it was just to cute

the boys loved feeding them crackers

daddy was tring to show Jon how nice the deer were
On the way home we stoped at a deer farm and Jon loved all the deer
Then when we went to grandpas house he took his tractor out for Jon and oh boy was he in

Daddy even took Jon for a ride

Jon loves going to granddads house now because granddad took out the traktor and let jon ride it everyday we were there and boy did those two have fun

Just some fun

Jon has just started to put on mommy shoes now and it is sooo funny to come around the corner to him with my shoes on
He has been in love with any kind of hat too he puts daddys hats on all the time now and wont take them off, now if I could only get him to do that outside that would be better

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More New Orland's

While in New Orlan's you have to go down to Burban street so we did and had a good time down there with aunti Danna and Grandpa they sure had a good time together
but he always had the energy to play with grandpa. he loves his grandpa so much
this whole trip just got him sooooo tired
It was his first time naked on burban street, but probably not his last
we had lunch a Pat O's and the lunch started out great but jon wanted to sit all by himself which was fine until he stud up and had poop coming out everywhere so I took him to the bathroom to clean him up when i found out that I had taken his extra pair of cloths out of my bag and left them in the car so it wouldnt be so heavy needless to say.....

the cathedral down in the French quarter

Friday, May 8, 2009

the Aquarium

the aquarium in New Orland's was so much fun. Jon got a bit tired though so we had to leave a little earily but we had a good time and Jon just loved all the fishes it was sooo cute he would ooooooooh and ahhhh over them.

He didn't stay in his stroller for long though, he wanted to touch the fishy soooo bad
Jon didn't finish lunch so we brought it with us and he had the best time

on the way to the aquarium there was a river walk mall with a big boat out front which jon and patrick loved

the wedding day

I didn't get any pics of the actual wedding cause I was in it and Joe was taking care of Jon but we do have a few of before the wedding they boys were pooped after the wedding and fell asleep watching movies
the bride the matron of honor and the mother of the bride finishing their make-up
Tobi and Jessica
the beautiful bride
getting ready for the wedding

At the rehearsal Jon and Patrick keep each other busy