Monday, September 29, 2008

Our fist trip to the Pumpkin patch

Hey guys let me know what pic you think I should send in for the contest at the pumpkin patchMore of the pretty colors we get but it always reminds me of all the snow to come :(

and yes even mommy got in on the fun
He just loves his pumpkins
He even picked out his own pumpkin and didn
There was a petting zoo that jon loved
Jon just loved the wagon rides

Jon was so fasinated with them
Daddy picking our first pumpkin

Daddy a baby Jon went for a ride on the school bus

Bath time and a little color

I think this weekend was peak color
The colors are really starting to change which is not a good sing
No he's not screaming he is just talking to mommy
oh yah

Rocker Jon has soooo much fun in the bath

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bye-Bye Daddy

he is becoming such a big boy

Jon loves mommy's banana muffins in the morning
We told daddy we would be putting picks up everyday he was go so he would be able to see jon so now daddy can eat breakfast with us
Some how this little man got one of his toys in daddy suite case, He must had just wanted him to remember home

SO daddy had to leave for Vegas on Sunday so when mommy was trying to pack him baby Jon was unpacking him I dont think he wanted him to go

Its already getting cold

Yes it looks like a lake but its actually a mine cave ground
He got a little tiered on our walk
I love my two boys
Baby Jon loves his walks

leaves are all ready changing colors and yes its pretty but soon it will just be crappy
Its getting to cold that Jon had to put on his sweater already but it didn't look like he minded very much

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So Big

The next few months are going to be crazy with all the trips Joe is going on and the holidays are just around the corner now that we have to travel for them we have to think about them a lot sooner but we are already for it .This is what our walk looks like now that they paved the trail behind our house its sooo much fun
This is how I keep mommy busy all day if the gates down everyone knows I'll be going up the stares
This is just one of our favorite pics
Daddy was so excited to see Jons new PJ's and that they say Motocross on them

baby Jon loves his daddy time they love to cuddle together. And they have to get it in now cause daddy has a lot of trips coming up Jon and I will have to go take lots of walks to keep our self's busy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

first step

Yesterday Jon took his first step all by himself, I was holding him and let go and off he went. cores he took one step and then took a header to the floor. He is getting so big do fast its hard to believe he already says mama but we don't think he quite knows what it means. anyways we are just soooo proud of him and daddy gets soooo sad when he doesn't get a chance to play with him you can just see the love between those two.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Tricks

Daddy and Jon love to play cars they do it every weekend and they both make the car noise together its sooooo cute
Look Jon has learned how to stand with no help but he cant walk just yet but I'm sure its coming soon
It was a little boy time
even baby Jon got his own star
So I decide to make Joe's favorite breakfast for him and it turned out so well i had to show everyone (its a star cause that's the only cookie cutter i have)

baby Jon and daddy making car nosies together

Friday, September 5, 2008

He's getting so big so fast

And yes he has already found the horn anything that makes noise
Pam gave us some of daddy's old toys to play with and he just loves it. I think he thinks he on a float or something with that wave
Jon Loves to read now which makes me sooooooo happy
And Its official Jon has learned to read Just don't tell him its upside down
And now I have deiced that I'll leave that to the professionals cause would not sit still so he will just have to live with it a little bit until I can take him in to get it done for real but at least I learned the first time around
Poor Jon, I tried to cut his hair

play time

he just loves all his toys and giggles every time i let him get them
He is such a little trouble makerHe has now figured out where all his toys are and loves to get them himself
Hi there handsome

play time, but as soon as the camera comes out its all smiles and he forgets what he doing