Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For Grandma

This is for Grandma of Jon talking to her on the phone but he is actually siting the hole time, cause he is usually making laps around the house when he is on the phone

Snow snow snow

This is what it looks like here while AZ has 90 degree days we have a snow storm up here its been snowing for 2 days straight and just 2 days ago it was a beautiful 67 degree day but tomorrow should get a little nicer then today or at least i can hope

with all the snow Jon was looking for things to do so he found the salt shaker and pored it all over the floor until it was gone but he did have fun doing it

We stoped by The Hilltop on our way back for Houghton and picked up their huge rolls and they are yummy

Play group

Jon did so well at play group this week it was almost like I wasn't even there. He ran around playing with others the whole time I was so proud of him he even planted a seed which I am trying not to kill and he played with the para shoot and sat bye himself for story time it was wonderful
he really likes to be right up front with story time

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had such a great easter what else can we say, the whole weekend it was in the high 40's so the weather was nice so we just played out side most of the weekend than on easter Joe made breakfast then we went to some friends house for lunch and for dinner I made my first turky ever (and no one got sick so there no complaining here) we couldn't have asked for a better weekend My lovely turkey and we had all the fixing rolls, corn, asparagus, stuffing, mashed potato, and brownies for desert
The after math of breakfast a little of everythingn
thanks Grandma and grandpa Ballentine for the book and thanks aunt Pam for the candy and presents
Daddy and Jon trying to recoup after playing outside so much this weekend
boys will be boys and play in the dirt as much as possible

Jon loves to help daddy in anything possible so when dirt is involved he is right there
the day started a little chilly but warmed up quickly
you know spring is right around the corner when you see flowers blooming we were soooo excited
Jon's new 4 wheeler he loves it so much but he still has a little longer unitl he can use it, he has to be able to touch the petals before he can use it (and daddy wants to paint it red like his jeep oh I mean LANDCRUISER ) BUT IT WAS JUST A FUN WEEKEND

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cars, Trucks and Big Machines

We went to see the easter bunny but Jon was not to thrilled with having to sit on his lap
He even found a little hole the keys will fit into
He loves his car sooo much now he takes mommy's car keys and uses them to start his car
Grandpa Dase came too
We went to go see daddy move the big machines for work he had sooo much fun
Now that it is starting it at least get kinda nice so i leave to door open to the patio and he will go and play with his tractor and when he is done he will shut all the doors


He did get super messy though

So I had left the beater in the sink and now with Jon always wanting to help out he pulled up his chair and started to lick the batter off of the beater he does love his banana bread and now he will say nanna when he wants banana bread or a banana