Saturday, November 1, 2008

Out side fun

Mommy can not turn her head for one min. before this little man puts a fist full of dirt into his mouth and he seems to like the dirt Yuck
Daddy has started his drain pipe project and Jon loves all the dirt he was playing half the day with all of the trenches the are just thin enough for Jon to get over then with out falling in which is nice

We had just bought Jon a sled because of the snow that will soon be sticking and Yes this pic is after the one of all the snow it melted by the next day. But we figured we had better get everything ready, well I wanted to see if Jon would even sit in his new sled and he not only sat in it but he wouldnt get out of it he loves it sooo much I ended up pulling him around the yard in it over and over, even granddad had a go at it

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