Monday, March 15, 2010

Finaly some nice weather

We have been having some pretty nice pretty nice weather, so we have been getting out of the house to watch the snow melt and play a little bit. Jon is always right behind Daddy being his little shadow and having a lot of fun helping him out.Just thought i would put up some pics of the baby belly, at 33 weeks we are getting close and I have had a few more problems then with Jon its not to bad yet I have also gained less weight then I did with Jon so far.

Daddy and Jon deiced to see what the view looked like from on top of the garage roof and oh man did they have a lot of fun

Jon is such a big helper, he saw daddy shoveling snow to help it melt faster so Jon helped and wow did he do such a good job
Jon found some grass under all that snow wow he didn't even realize what it was

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