Monday, January 25, 2010

just some new pics

We have been able to relax the last few weeks which has been a nice change of pace for us lately so I thought I would take sometime to put up some pics. Right now Joe has started to get the baby's room ready we have a bit of work to do on it but at least we have the time to do it at least for a month or so before he starts getting busy with traveling again but until then we have lots of things to keep us busy.The snow was really starting to pile up on us for a bit there but after I had gotten this pic we got a really nice warm up, its around 32 and rainy it feels like spring

When Jon is really missing his daddy he starts to put on all daddy's things like his hat a gloves and shoes, I do get normal shoes on him when we go out but if daddy is out of town he has to ware daddy's hat and gloves.

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