Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well we had a interesting Halloween this year we had fun caving our pumpkins earlier in the week but the night be Halloween we had to go and pick up daddy at the airport at 1am so Jon did not get his normal sleep in so on Halloween he was a bit crabby and then that night he did not want to put on his costume he tried it on and he through a fit so we just stayed home and hung out as a family and put Jon to sleep early so maybe next year he will be up for trick o treating Jon was not a happy camper with his costume even half way on

We had a fun Halloween themed pizza which was fun for everyone jon was happy with his Halloween shirt

Our cool pumpkins daddy did the top one all by himself and Jon pick out what he wanted his to look like

they did have fun carving pumpkins though

Jon was giving daddy some light so he could see in side the pumpkin

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Oliver Wilson said...

you were a cute little pumpkin anyway jon!