Saturday, October 3, 2009


Daddy had to go to Houghton for work last week so we deiced to tag along with him and boy are we glad , we had so much fun even if the weather was not very nice . However when the rain did let up we put on a few sweaters and went to the park and around town. And mommy and daddy bought their first borad game (Monopoly) and boy was it fun I think we will have to get more but all in all we had a great time this is my favorite pic of all time Jon is coming down the slid but I think it was going a little fast for him
Daddy got to take some time out of his busy day and show jon the cool water
Jon had so much fun running around at the park
the trees are starting to change color and its getting colder and that means snow soon I'm not looking forward to that
Jon has been making me laugh so much lately now he is putting his finger up to this chin and say hummmmmmmm it is just the funnest thing ever
The weather was not to nice that week but I did make for some nice pics
At the rail road musem

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