Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Aftermath

This weekend we went to a friends wedding and the next day we had a house full of people which is always fun so everyone spent a lazy Sunday relaxing watching sponge bob square pants and napping. Oh and jon found the donuts and help himself to them and just had a jolly good time eating them

when Sara took down her hair Jon wanted to put her hair clips in his hair
there is jon's other buddy Sara
Daddy got a little cold during is nap so instead of getting covers he used his shirt
there is kyle taking a well needed nap

that is Tex. and he was a little tired still

apparently Jon thought Dave was a recliner but he sure does love hanging out with is buddy

Right after the wedding this is the best picture i could get of Jon cause he was pretty tiered

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Oliver Wilson said...

the 3rd donut pic is my favorite ever! so cute!!