Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy holiday

Its been sooooooooo busy for us over this Christmas time but we have had soooooooo much fun. We went down state to Bath to spend sometime with Joe's family but not long after we got there we were off to Arizona to spend the Christmas time with my family which was such a fun time but not long enough . Then we went back to bath to spend a few more days there before heading home . We have soooooo many pics that its going to take me a few days to get them all up cause I still have to unpack and take care of Jon who is not happy right now with a cold and ear infections and teething he is just a mess so stayed tune I'll try to have all the pics up by the end of the week.Patrick got to frost the cookies too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grandma with the two grandkids making cookies for Santa

Grandpa and the two grandkids playing pool together
Jon dressed as ol' St. Nick
Aunt Peggy and Jon
Daddy with Jon and cousin Patrick watching everyone play pool

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