Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another pretty week

Comes with a butt flap and all
Jon's pj's are the same one's daddy wore when he was a kiddo

Jon had fallen asleep in the car so mommy and daddy had time to get a pic together (which hasnt happened in a long time)
And this weekend we went to Pres. It kinda looks like the ocean with waves like that
Joe and I were driving through town and couldn't quit laughing when we drove passed this shed
It kinda reminded us of the you might be a redneck jokes

It was such a beautiful night
Family pic time oh and thats Fran in the back round
Deer in the head lights I think Jon was getting a little tiered at this point
We went for a boat ride with some of our friends this week and saw a few bald egales in a tree which was sooooo cool cause I've never seen one so close before
So Jon has become a great naper when we go for walks, the city has just put in a new walking trail across the street from our house and he just gets so relaxed with his feet up that he passes out which always makes me laugh.

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